Advance Custom Field with MultiVendorX

Brief Introduction #

The integration of the Advanced Custom Fields plugin in MultiVendorX will allow your vendors to add extra content fields to the add product page. These extra content fields are more commonly referred to as Custom Fields and will allow your vendor to provide more product details to the buyers.

Requirements #

Setting Up Advanced Custom fields #

To let vendors add extra content to their product you need to configure the Advanced Custom Field plugin. Configuring the plugin allows the vendor to add content according to the chosen field type. 

Advanced Custom Field Settings

Before enabling the module, configure the plugin by the steps given below – 

  • Once the Advanced custom field plugin is enabled go to the ACF from the navigation menu bar and select the Fields groups. 
  • Once you get redirected  to the fields group page add new custom fields by simply clicking on “Add field Group” or “ADD NEW”.
  • Now follow this doc and add the fields accordingly by adding the Field type, Field label, Field name, Default value.  

Please note: While adding any fields, make sure you have selected location for “product” page, only then the fields will be displayed on the add product page.

Enabling Field Groups for Coupon #

To display the custom field for coupon also, all you have to do is set the location to “Coupon”

ACF Provides many field types. You can know more about the usage of them here –

ACF will carry on how to display the custom fields in the product page. For this  you need to follow their document :

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