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Product Management (34)

Display Out of Stock SubscribersFree

MultiVendorX Core

sellers get the option to view the list of customers who have subscribed to their out of stock porduct

Subscribe Out of Stock Product

Inventory Management Tool

Customers can subscribe to products that are out of stock and be notified when the products are back in stock.

Out of stock limit

Inventory Management Tool

The out of stock threshold field allows to choose the minimal quantity of stock value, reaching which  will result in an out of stock alert mail.

Low stock limit

Inventory Management Tool

In the low stock limit area, enter the minimum stock quantity amount. sellers will get a low stock alert email when the quantity value approaches the minimum amount you defined.

Out of stock Alert

Inventory Management Tool

Using our out of stock alert section a seller receives a reminder e-mail when their stock quantity has been depleted.

Low stock Alert

Inventory Management Tool

Using our low stock alert section, sellers in the marketplace will receive a stock alert notification.

Import/ Export

Import Export

By enabling import product option, sellers will be able to import mass products data.

Upload Media Files

Store Components

While adding or editing, sellers can add pictures of that particular product. With this the the customers will be able to see the product before purchasing.

Add CouponsFree

MultiVendorX Core

sellers can create coupons and submit it you for feedback or corrections.

Publish and Submit ProductsFree

MultiVendorX Core

Using this option, sellers can create and submit products from the seller's dashboard without admin's approval.

Edit Published ProductsFree

MultiVendorX Core

In WCMp, sellers have the capability to edit products that are already published.

Publish ProductsFree

MultiVendorX Core

Gives vendors the option to directly publish products without waiting for your approval

Submit ProductsFree

MultiVendorX Core

Let vendors add and submit products for your to review

Display Other Vendors to CustomersFree

MultiVendorX Core

While viewing a product customers can view other vendors selling the same product

Show A Comparison TableFree

MultiVendorX Core

Customers can compare different SPMV product prices

Search SPMV ProductsFree

MultiVendorX Core

Vendors can search for SPMV products and edir it's content before selling it as theirs

Selling Same products by different sellersFree

MultiVendorX Core

A seller will be able to sell a product from another seller through this feature. A seller can sell a product in their own store that he added from another seller's store.

Product Bulk EditFree

MultiVendorX Core

Use this feature to edit vast products

Duplicate ProductFree

MultiVendorX Core

The Duplicate Product feature allows sellers to create a copy of an existing SKU

Featured Product

Product Options

Lets sellers choose products they want to feature

Custom Product Field

Product Options

Vendor can add extra information about their products by customising their product fields

Import/Export Product

Product Options

Use this feature to Import export mass product data

Bulk Product ManagementFree

MultiVendorX Core

An easy-to-use tool to manage heaps of products.

Product LocationFree

MultiVendorX Core

Shows customers the location of products they are searching for.


MultiVendorX Core

CPG option helps seller's to identify the correct categories for their products.

Assign ProductsFree

MultiVendorX Core

Designate products to marketplace sellers.

Bluff Period


Refers to the space of time between two auctions

Last-Minute Time Extension


The last-minute time extension feature is helpful to keep the bidding going automatically.

Set Auction Date & Time


Set the date and duration of the auction

Buying Price


Allows interested customers to buy the product right away without going through the auction process

Increment Bidding


Lets vendors set the smallest incremental amount between subsequent bids.

Proxy Bidding


Under the proxy bidding system, buyers can enter the maximum price that he is willing to bid for.

Reverse Auction


Opposite a normal auction, reverse auction lets buyers set a price while sellers bid for the price at which they want to sell their items

Normal Auction


Publish products, set its minimum price, and allow your shoppers to bid on them. The highest bidder wins the auction and the product belongs to him.


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