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Order Management (16)

Order Shipping TrackerFree

MultiVendorX Core

Vendor can share the shipping url and tracking number. The customer will receive an email with these details.

Accept or Reject RefundFree

MultiVendorX Core

Accept or deny refund request as per convinience

Set Conditions for RefundFree

MultiVendorX Core

Decide on what basis a customer can request a refund

Request RefundsFree

MultiVendorX Core

Grant customers the option of request a refund

Packaging Slip

Invoice & Packing Slip

Offer sellers the option to download packaging slips

Vendor's Invoice

Invoice & Packing Slip

Give vendors the option to edit the invoice slip as per their convenience. The vendor, admin and customer can download invoice of the order. 

Customise Invoice

Invoice & Packing Slip

Add what information you want in the invoice slip for customers. 

Send PDF Automatically

Invoice & Packing Slip

Shoots an invoice mail to customers as soon as an order is placed


Invoice & Packing Slip

VAT ( Value Added Tax), GST ( Goods & Services Tax) can be added in this field.

Back Ordering SystemFree

MultiVendorX Core

Lets customers place orders in the absence of avaiable stock

Bulk Order ManagementFree

MultiVendorX Core

Edit and manage multiple orders at the same time

Communicate through Order NotesFree

MultiVendorX Core

Present product feedbacks with the help of order notes

Manage Order StatusFree

MultiVendorX Core

You can allow or restrict vendor from changing their order statuses

Log Orders/ Order ListFree

MultiVendorX Core

Lets vendors keep track of all the orders they have to fulfil

Split Order ModuleFree

MultiVendorX Core

Splits the main order into multiple sub-order depending on the products vendors


MultiVendorX Core

From the orders section sellers can view their complete order details ang with earnings per orders.


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