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Sales Overview

Seller Analytics

A delailed report notifying sellers of sales made by their store in a given period of time

Product Report

Marketplace Analytics

Lets sellers veiw the income earned from the sale of each product sold by their store. Along with this it also helps seller estimate the most popular product.


Marketplace Analytics

With the help of this report sellers can estimate the income generated of each product category


Marketplace Analytics

This feature gives a detailed report of each transaction made through the sellers store account.


Marketplace Analytics

Helps sellers keep track of their product inventory

Customer Downloads

Marketplace Analytics

With this feature sellers can keep track of permission period of each downloadable product

Tax Report

Marketplace Analytics

Displays to sellers the tax amount collected from the sale of each product

SEO Support

SEO & Analytics

Vendors can increase their product search by using the power of SEO

Yoast SEO integration

SEO & Analytics

Yoast combined with MultivendorX will let sellers (admin) track how product content is doing for specific keyphrases and other content

Rank Math SEO intigration

SEO & Analytics

Social Media Open Graph support

SEO & Analytics

Sellers can use Social Media Open Graph support to make their products more noticible in social media feeds

Google Analytics Integration

SEO & Analytics

With the integration of Google Anlytics with MulivendorX vendors can use google analytics to track their store pages


MultiVendorX Core

Reports the overall performance of the marketplace to admin.


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