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Store Components (11)

Store Chat History

Live Chat

Vendors can review chat histories to repond to customer demands

Send push notifications and emails

Live Chat

Alert vendors of customer requests with the help of push notification

Transfer files

Live Chat

Let vendors and customers share files during Live Chat to better understand a product

Real Time Messages (seller/Customer)

Live Chat

By incorporating a Live Chat system into your markletplace, you can communicate with consumers and increase customer satisfaction.

Sell Wholesale Product


Permit sellers to sell wholesale product

Become Wholesale Customer


Give customers the option to become wholesale customers

Manage Staff

Staff Manager

Vendors can view and assign store responsibilities to staff members

Add Staff Members

Staff Manager

Gives sellers the option to hire as many help as required

Customer Notification

Vendor Vacation

sellers can leave customers messages when they are unavailable

Disable Add to Cart

Vendor Vacation

For days when the sellers are unavailable, they can restrict customers from placing orders by disabling the add-to-cart option.

Clickable Vacation Calender

Vendor Vacation

sellers can set up monthly calendars that inform you of the dates the seller may be unavailable.


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