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Brief Introduction #

Customers looking for a getaway plan, don’t want to be encumbered with complex booking methods. Make rental bookings easy for customers by using the Advanced Frontend Manager accommodation booking feature. With this feature, vendors can let customers select dates with a clickable calendar, allow cancellations, check availability before booking, track booking dates, and send reminders, and many more. To see what booking accommodation entails let’s jump into this user tutorial.


Note – Make sure your WooCommerce Booking plugin is activated before activating the WooCommerce Accommodation Bookings. As WooCommerce Accommodation Bookings is an extension of the WooCommerce Bookings plugin, the accommodation bookings plugin will not operate if the WooCommerce Booking Plugin is deactivated.

Turning your local marketplace site into a booking platform can be quite interesting and when the method to achieve this as easy as reciting ABC, why not get started right away.

To configure accommodation products –

  • Go to the admin dashboard and navigate to the MultiVendorX menu option. When the MultiVendorX sub-menu list appears select the Module option.
  • On the Module page mouse over to the Capabilities tab. 
  • When the Capabilities page loads, scroll down to the Product Type section and tick both Bookable Products and Accommodation Products.
  • Once all adjustments are made, click on the Save Changes option. With this, you give vendors the option to reserve accommodation bookings. 

To create an accommodation booking product, vendors need to follow the given steps. 

  • Go to the New Product link found in the Topside menu of the vendor dashboard
  • Once the New Product page loads, vendors can add Product Details like –
    • Product Title – The name or title of the product
    • Product Short Description – Few Points that explain the product. This section would appear as a menu option on the single product page
    • Product Description – A short description giving some details about the product
    • Product Type – The vendor must select Accommodation Product as the Product Type.
    • Product Data Meta Box – This section is where the vendor must configure basic details of the accommodation product. Options included in this section are-
      • General – In this section vendor can manage accommodation details like-
        • Minimum number of nights allowed in a booking –  Here the vendor can decide the minimum number of nights a customer can abode at the hotel or Apartment
        • Maximum number of nights allowed in a booking – Just like the previous section the vendor can decide the maximum number of nights a customer would be able to stay at his place of accommodation 
        • Calendar display mode – In this section vendors can choose how the calendar is displayed on the booking form.
        • Requires confirmation – If the vendor ticks this option customers would have to wait for the availability of a room before the booking process is complete.
      • Can be canceled – If the vendor selects this option he/she gives customers the option to cancel their booking after confirmation. An extended option appears where the vendor can select the number of hours, days, months till which a cancellation option lasts. 
      • Linked Products – To add similar items to the current product that is being viewed or has been ordered for, add your products in the Up-sells or Cross-sells as required 
      • Attributes –  Vendors can either add a new attribute that was not previously created or choose from a pre-defined global list of attributes set by you.
      • Advanced tab – Add a note that can be sent to the customer after the product is purchased in the Purchase Note text-area. The ordering position of the product is determined by the number entered in the Menu order. Enable or Disable customer’s feedback for the item by checking or unchecking Enable reviews.
        • Availability Tab- Under this section vendors can add more information about rooms like – 
        • Number of rooms available- Vendors can add in details about the number of rooms available in his place of residence 
        • Bookings can be made starting & Bookings can only be made – In these two sections vendor can add the days from which booking requests begin till the day it ends
      • Restrict start days – Sometimes vendors don’t wish to make bookings for all days of the week. In which case, he/she can restrict the number of days on which bookings would be allowed.
      • Range – Vendors can set availability rules like  From and To in the Range Type section. Further, he/she can also decide if the slot is Bookable or not is to be set in the specific section.
  • Rates – Vendors can add a price for the rooms they wish to rent.
  • Standard room rate is applied regardless of a customer’s choices on the booking form.
  • The display cost does not affect the actual cost of the product. The cost is displayed to the user on the frontend. If a booking has varying costs, the lowest available cost is shown and is prefixed with the word “From:”. You can also set a Pricing Range which works somewhat like the Availability Range.
  • Policies tab – Add shipping, refund, cancellation/return/exchange policy
  • Has Persons – By enabling the Has Persons checkbox, a new tab called Persons  is added, which allows the booking to be made for multiple persons at once
    • Max Persons & Min Persons – In these sections vendors can add n number of persons allowed per booking.
    • Multiply all costs by person count – Vendors can enable this option to multiply the entire cost of the booking by per person count.
    • Count persons as bookings – After the vendor enables this option,  each person is counted as a booking until the max bookings per block (in availability) is reached
    • Enable person types – Vendors can enable this option if they which to charge separately for each person type example child, adult pets etc
    • Has Resources – Resources are used if you have multiple bookable items, e.g. room types ( Deluxe, Executive, etc.) 
    • Customer selected – A booking form shows a dropdown list of resources that the customer can select.
    • Automatically assigned – A resource is automatically assigned to a customer booking if available. If New resource is selected from the dropdown which consists of the global resources(read more about global resources in this documentation) created earlier and then click Add/link Resource, you are asked to enter the resource name. Once entered, a new global resource is created in the system, which when created by a vendor strictly remains accessible by that vendor and the admin only. However, if an existing global resource is selected from the dropdown, you will see two extra pricing fields. The base cost is applied when the resource is chosen; the block cost is multiplied by the number of blocks booked. The costs of each resource will be added to the price of the bookable product to allow for different prices depending on the resource chosen.

Vendors can check Booking information by navigating to the Bookings menu and selecting the all bookings option. 

For customer willing to rent or book the accommodation product, must 

  • Go to the single product page and select the date of Check-in and Check-out.
  • In the case Has Persons option is enabled, they can select the number of people who would be renting the vendors’ place
  • In the case Has Resources is enabled, Customers get to choose the type of room they would like to reside in
  • Once all confirmations are made they can select the Book Option.

*For more informaton, refer to this documentation :

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