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Product Catalog Mode For WooCommerce

Brief Description #

Turn your e-commerce website into a product catalog to get a personalized digital salesperson. You can use the product catalog plugin to access a variety of features. This includes the ability to operate both catalog and sale modes, a mini inquiry cart, an extremely flexible inquiry form, and others. Let’s take a look at how you can use this fantastic product catalog enquiry plugin.

Requirements #

  1. Woocommerce
  2. Product Catalog Enquiry for WooCommerce by MultiVendorX

Configuration from admin dashboard #

After activating the Product Catalog Enquiry plugin from the plugin page follow the below steps for configuration –

  • Go to admin dashboard and navigate down to Catalog.
  • Now simply click on Settings submenu and start with the configuration of the different settings.

General Settings #

By configuring the below settings of Product catalog enquiry the admin can turn his WooCommerce website into a product catalog very easily.

Common Settings #

  • Catalog Mode– Enable this to activate catalog mode sitewide.
  • Product Enquiry Button-Enable this to add an enquiry button for all products.
  • Product Enquiry Button when Product is out of stock– Enable this option only if you want enquiry for out of stock products.
  • Catalogue Mode Applicable For– Select the user type from the dropdown menu where this catalogue will be applicable.
  • Disable cart and checkout page-Enable this to hide cart and checkout page and set new page to redirect the user.
  • Redirect after Enquiry Form Submission-Enable this to redirect user to another page after successful enquiry submission such as home page etc.

Display Options #

  • Remove Product Price– Enable this to hide product price from site and disable purchase.
  • Disable enquiry form via popup– By default, the inquiry form will be displayed via pop-up. Enable this if you want to display the button under the product description.

Enquiry Email Receivers Settings #

  • Additional Receivers Email-Enter the email address where you want to receive inquiry mail. Therefore if you also want to send email to, then simply pass this email id there.
  • Remove admin email-Enable this if you to remove the admin email from the receiver’s list.

Button Appearance #

From here the admin can configure different settings related to the enquiry button and customize it accordingly.

Button Customiser #

  • Button Text-In this field enter the text for your enquiry button.
  • Button Type– Select the appropriate option from the dropdown list to choose the enquiry button type from the following options :
    • Read More
    • Custom Link for all products
    • Individual link for for products
    • No link just #
  • Your own button style-Enable the custom design for enquiry button.

Custom button customizer #

Once the ‘your own button style’ option is enabled you will get the option to customize the button by choosing the options like – Button size, font size, Border radius, Border size, Top gradient color, Bottom gradient color, Border color, Text color, Hover background color, Hover text color, Select font. 

Additional Settings #

Custom CSS– In this field write your custom css to customise the enquiry form.

Exclusion #

The admin can set different attributes(such as user role, name, category etc.) for which the catalog mode will not be applicable.

Exclusion Management #

  • User role specific Exclusion-Select the user roles, who won’t be able to send the enquiry.
  • User name Specification Exclusion– Select the user, who won’t be able to send enquiry.
  • Product Specific Exclusion– Select the products that should have the Add to Cart to button, instead of enquiry button.
  • Category Specific Exclusion-Select the category, where should have Add to Cart Button, instead of enquiry button.

Enquiry Form #

The admin can customize the enquiry form as per their requirement by customizing the form content and form fields from here.

General Settings #

  • Content Before Enquiry Form-Fill this field to write description before about enquiry form.
  • Content after Enquiry Form-This content will be shown after enquiry form.
  • Override Form Title– Enable this to set your custom title.

Enquiry Form Fields #

  • Enquiry form fields– Enable the fields from the given options as needed. This will be reflected in the enquiry form.

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