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Work Board

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Brief Description #

The Workboard feature within the MultiVendorX plugin serves as a centralized hub, efficiently managing a variety of tasks and activities within the multi-vendor marketplace. Designed with a user-friendly interface, administrators can easily organize, prioritize, and monitor tasks related to product listings, vendor registration, vendor verifications, customer support, and other crucial aspects of the platform.

Configuration of the different tabs under the Work Board submenu in the admin dashboard

Let us discuss the different tabs under the Work Board submenu. 

  • Taskboard : In this section, the administrator encounters various pending tasks, including Pending Products, Pending Vendors, Pending Coupons, Pending Transactions, Pending Questions, Pending Verifications, and more.  From this centralized location, the admin has the ability to either approve or reject all pending requests within the marketplace.
  • Announcement : This tab will appear if the Announcement module under the  Notification will be enabled. To learn about this in detail kindly refer to this doc
  • Knowledgebase : Here the admin can add doc/tutorials to share with the vendors. You can learn the full flow of this from our doc here
  • Store Review : From this section all the reviews from the customers are recorded. You can learn more detailed information about the Store review module from here
  • Report Abuse : Here all the details of all the abuse reported by the customers are recorded. Go through this doc to learn detailed flow of the Report abuse module. 
  • Question & Answer :
  • Request Refund : Once a customer requests a refund for an order that request gets listed here. 
  • Refunded Orders : All the refunded orders are recorded here. We have a separate doc for the configuration of the refund module. Kindly check the doc here

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