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Business Hours

Brief Introduction #

Keeping customers posted about store hours can go a long way toward maintaining healthy relations. This way, customers are aware of the hours your store remains active and will place their orders accordingly. With MultiVendorX Pro, you can set business hours that are visible to customers.

Requirement #

Business Hours Configuration #

While there aren’t any settings that you are required to configure. You need to enable two modules to let vendors add store timing to the store.

Enable Business Hours & Vacation #

In order to enable Business Hours, you need to follow the given settings.

  • Go to the admin dashboard and then navigate to MultiVendorX. Select Modules from the MultiVendorX menu.
  • As you land on the Module page search for the Store Management Section. Enable the Bussiness Hours module present under it
  • Once you have enabled Business Hours, go to the next section labelled Store Component and select the Vacation Module. You need to enable the vacation module as Business Hours had previously been part of the Vendor Vacation Add-On.

Setting Up Store Hours  #

To set up the store timings for business the vendor must –

  • Go to the vendor dashboard and then navigate to the Store Settings menu option 
  • Once the store setting option is selected the vendor can select the Vacation submenu 
  • When the vacation page loads the vendor can navigate to the store hours section and enable store timings 
  • Once enabled the vendor can set the store opening and closing time 
  • After setting the store timings for a week the vendor can select save options.

Add Store Hours Widget #

In order to let customers view the vendor’s store timings the admin has to add the store hours widget to the frontend site. By following the given steps, the Admin can add the store hours widget.

  • Go to the Admin dashboard and navigate to the Appearance menu option.
  • Once the Appearance sub-menu pops up the admin can select the Widget sub-menu option.
  • When the Widget page loads, the Admin can scroll down and select the Vendor Vacation field.
  • Once the Vendor Vacation field is selected, a drop-down option will appear. The options shown on the dropdown list are where the Store Hours Widget would appear.
  • After choosing where to place the Store Hours Widget, the admin can select save.
  • Once the Store Hours Widget has been set, the admin can inform his vendors of this, by sending them a private announcement message.

We hope this tutorial will be of help to our vendors looking to add their business timing.

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