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External Product

Brief Introduction #

MultiVendorX enables you to give your vendors the ability to create External or Affiliate Products. The concept of external products can be a bit tricky so listen carefully, external products are products available in the vendors’ stores but are not owned by them. Vendors earn a commission for the sale of these products by advertising them in their stores.

Requirements #

External Products Configuration #

As an admin, you don’t have much role to play when it comes to creating the product. All you have to do is enable the product option so that vendors willing to sell the product can add them to their stores.

To enable the external product option you have to , Go to your marketplace dashboard and select the MultiVendorX option

As you select MultiVendorX, the MultiVendorX menu pops up. From the MultiVendorX menu select the module option

Once the module page loads, go to the external product option available under marketplace types and enable it.

There you have it! You have now granted vendors the option of adding external products to their stores.

Add External Product #

To add external product, all that the vendor is required to do is to follow these steps- 

First, click on Add Product under Product Manager in the Vendor Dashboard.

  1. Add the Product Name (title), description, and product image(s) in the first section.
  2. Once the product details are added, the vendor must select the external/affiliate from the product type list.
  3. General Tab– Here they must add the Product URL, Button Text, Regular Price and Sale Price. You can also set Sale Price Dates. 
  4. Policies tab– Add Shipping, Refund, or Cancellation/Return/Exchange Policy.
  5. Once everything is added the vendor must not forget to save the settings

Follow these steps to add External/Affiliate Products to your Online Marketplace and become the reason behind the smiles of happy customers. 

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