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Report Abuse

Brief Introduction #

Empower your customers by providing a feature that allows them to report false products. This functionality enables users to flag and bring attention to items that may be misrepresented or inaccurately listed, fostering a community-driven approach to maintaining product accuracy and trust within your platform. By encouraging customers to report false products, you create a more transparent and reliable marketplace where authenticity and quality are prioritized.

Requirements #

Configuration from the admin end  #

To let the customer prevail the advantage of the reporting about abuse or anything else, the admin needs to enable the Report Abuse module under Notification section from the the Modules submenu of MultiVendorX

How customers can report abuse for a product  #

If any customer wants to report any thing about a product, he can simply 

  • Go to the Single product page and there he will get the “Report abuse” option.
  • Once he clicks on that option a pop up box will appear where he will have to add Username, email address and his message and then click on the Report button to submit  the message. 

Once a user has submitted a report abuse message the admin will receive a mail regarding that and also he can take a look at the report by navigation to Admin dashboard >>MultiVendorX>>WorkBoard>>Report Abuse

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