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Shipping by Country

Brief Introduction #

Many countries have shipping laws of their own. Depending on the country’s laws, shipping costs may change if vendors want to send their goods there. You have access to a country-based shipping option through MultiVendorX, which establishes different shipping costs based on various nations.

Admin Configuration #

To give vendors the option of managing their shipping, go through the following steps :

  • Go to Shipping section under “Module” of MultiVendorX and enable the option “Country wise shipping”. Once this is activated, vendors can see this shipping option in their shipping settings.
  • Now navigate to Shipping section under “Settings” of WooCommerce and click on MultiVendorX Shipping by Distance.
  • After that configure the following fields :
    • Activate the Enable Shipping option. Once this is activated, customers can see the shipping calculation at the checkout page.
    • Method Title : Enter a Shipping Title that displays to customers in checkout.
    • Click on “Save Change” to save your changes.

Vendor Configuration #

Now, lets see how the vendors can configure shipping from their dashboards. To configure shipping the vendor would have to –

  • Go to “Shipping” tab under Store Settings of Woocommerce and choose the shipping option as “Enable Shipping By Country”. After that the vendor needs to configure the following fields : 
  • Default Shipping Price: This will be the base shipping price of all the products of the vendor irrespective of countries and states.
  • Per Product Additional Price: This cost will we applied to every second type of product from the same vendor in the cart.
  • Per Qty Additional Price: This cost will be applied to every second quantity of the same product of the vendor which is present in the cart.
  • Free Shipping Minimum order amount: The amount entered here will be the benchmark above which the shipping will be free.

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