Product Stock Manager & Notifier for WooCommerce

Brief Description  #

Let your buyers subscribe to a product even when the product is out of stock using the WooCommerce  Product Stock Alert plugin .  Once subscribed, customers will get an email notification when the product becomes available again .

Requirements  #

Admin Configuration  #

Let us take a look at the configuration from the admin end —

General Settings #

  • Subscriber Double Opt-in for: Activate this option to require double confirmation from the buyer before subscribing to an out-of-stock product. To enable this feature, you will need WooCommerce Product Stock Manager & Notifier PRO.
  • Subscriptions with Active Backorders: Turn on this setting to allow users to subscribe to out-of-stock products, even when the backorder option is enabled.
  • Display Subscriber Count for Out-of-Stock Items: Enable this setting to show the subscriber count on the single product page.
  • Subscriber Count Notification Message: Customize the notification text to inform users about the quantity of subscribers for out-of-stock items.
  • Enable reCAPTCHA: Turn on this option to enable reCAPTCHA for out-of-stock form subscriptions. To activate this feature, you will need WooCommerce Product Stock Manager & Notifier PRO.
  • Recipient Email for New Subscriber: Enter the email address where notifications should be sent when a user subscribes to an out-of-stock product.

Form Customization  #

Text Customization #

  • Email Field Placeholder: Customize the text entered here to be displayed in the email field on the frontend.
  • Subscription Purpose Description: Provide guidance to users by entering text here regarding the purpose of entering their email in the placeholder section.
  • Subscribe Button: Specify the text entered here to be shown on the subscribe button.
  • Unsubscribe Button: Customize the text to be displayed on the unsubscribe button.

Alert Box Customizer #

  • Sample Form: Once the form has been customized using the settings provided below, you can preview a sample form as a demonstration.
  • Customization Settings: In this section, administrators can personalize various settings related to the alert box. The alert box will be displayed based on the configurations set in this section.

Submission Messages #

  • Successful Form Submission: Customize the alert message displayed upon successful form submission.
  • Repeated Subscription Alert: Define the alert text to be shown when an email that is already registered is submitted for repeated subscription.
  • Email Validation Error: Specify the text to be displayed in case of an email validation error, indicating an invalid email format.
  • Unsubscribe Confirmation: Provide the text for confirming successful unsubscription from a product to which the buyer was previously subscribed.

Flow from the customer end #

Once the admin has done the configuration of all the settings the customer will get option to subscribe for a out of stock product from the frontend by putting their email address.

Please note – Upon subscribing to an out-of-stock product, the user will receive an email notification. Additionally, when the product becomes available again, another email will be sent to notify the user.

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