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WooCommerce Product Stock Manager & Notifier Pro

Brief Description   #

WooCommerce stock alert plugin helps improve customer satisfaction and potentially increase sales by keeping interested customers informed about product availability, particularly for items that were previously out of stock. This can lead to higher customer retention and a more positive shopping experience.

Requirement  #

Configuration from admin dashboard  #

First let us first discuss about the configuration from the admin end – 

Settings  #

To configure different settings for WooCommerce stock alert pro you just need follow the below mentioned steps – 

  • Go to admin dashboard, and hover down to Stock alert from the navigation bar
  • Once the submenu list appears, click on settings and get started with the configuration of the below mentioned settings. 

General #

  • Allow Subscription for Backorders Product – Once this setting is enabled, The users will get the subscribe option for those out of stock products who have the stock status as ‘on backorder’.  
  • Showcase Subscribers Count for Out-of-Stock items – Enabling this setting will display the number of subscribers on the product page
  • Subscription Count Notification Message – Here in this section the admin can enter the text that they want to be displayed to inform users about the number of subscribers for that product. 
  • Subscriber Double Opt-in – Enable this to have a double confirmation from a user before subscribing for an out of stock product. 
  • Enable reCAPTCHA – Check this box to enable reCAPTCHA for the site. Now once the option is enabled, fill the Site key and Secret key accordingly.
  • Remove Admin Email – Enabling this option will make sure that the admin email will be removed from the alert email receivers list. 
  • Additional Receivers Emails – Here add that the additional email  ids that you want to receive the alert email other than the admin and the subscriber.

Form Customization #

  • Edit Email Field Placeholder Text – The text entered here will be shown on the email field placeholder section. 
  • Edit Alert Text – Enter the Alert text here that will be displayed above the email field. 
  • Edit Subscribe Button Text – This text will represent the Subscribe button. 
  • Edit Unsubscribe Button Text – Here the admin can put the text for the unsubscribe button. 
  • Choose Button Font Size – Here you can choose the font size for the subscribe button. 
Alert Box Customization #
  • Demo Form – Here the admin can see the demo appearance of  the form by changing the customization settings below. 
  • Customization Settings – In this section admin can customize  the colors and sizes for the below mentioned options as per their requirement –
  • Alert Text
  • Button Background
  • Button Border
  • Button Text
  • Button Background on Hover
  • Button Border on Hover
  • Button Text on Hover
  • Font size
  • Border Radius
  • Border Size

Post-Form Submission Messages #

  • Alert Text on Successful Form Submission – Enter the text that you want to be displayed after successfully subscribing to a product. 
  • Message for Existing Email Subscribers – The text entered here will be displayed when an existing subscriber will try to subscribe for the same product again with the same email id. 
  • Invalid Email Address – When an invalid email will be put to subscribe for a product this message entered here will be shown on the frontend. 
  • Unsubscription Confirm – After unsubscribing for a product this message will appear on the frontend. 
  • Provide Double Opt-In Success Message – Enter the text that will be shown for successful double opt-in. 

Email Settings #

  • Ban Email Domains – Enter the email domains here that you want to be banned on your site. That means the user will not be able to subscribe for a product with that email domain. 
  • Edit Ban Email Domains Text – Enter the text that you want to be displayed for banned emails on the frontend. 
  • Ban Email Addresses – Enter the specific email addresses that you want to ban from subscribing for a product on your site. 
  • Edit Ban Email Address Text – Here enter the text that will be displayed when someone tries to subscribe with a banned email address. 

MailChimp Settings #

Enable Mailchimp – Once this option is enabled, the admin will get the below options. 

  • Mailchimp API – By putting the Mailchimp API  the admin can connect their mailchimp account here for email marketing through Mailchimp. 

To generate an API key, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the API Keys section of your account.
  2. Click Create New Key.
  3. Name your key. Be descriptive, so you know what app uses that key. Keep in mind that you’ll see only this name and the first 4 key digits on your list of API keys.
  4. Click Generate Key.
  5. Once we generate your key, click Copy Key to Clipboard. Save your key someplace secure–you won’t be able to see or copy it again. If you lose this key, you’ll need to generate a new key and update any integration that uses it.
  6. Click Done.
  • Mailchimp List – From here the admin can select the mailchimp list for email marketing. 

Subscriber list #

From this submenu the admin can see the list of subscribers who have subscribed for different out of stock products. 

Here the admin can search for subscribers by name, entering a date range or by putting emails. 

Note – For a multivendor site, the vendors of the site can also see the subscriber list for the out of stock product of his store from their vendor dashboard and also view the list of subscribers.

Flow of stock alert from the User end #

Now let us discuss about the flow of stock alert  from the user/subscriber end – 

  • The user can simply subscribe to an out of stock product by going to the single product page. 
  • Once done subscribing, they will receive an email regarding the same. 
  • They can also learn about the out of stock  products they have subscribed to from the Registration Status section in the My account page. 
  • When their subscribed product is again back on stock, they will receive a email about that accordingly.

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