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Distance-based Shipping

Brief Introduction #

With MultiVendorX, you can adjust shipping costs based on the distance between the vendor and the customer’s location. To create flexibility, add rules and set various distance ranges for effective distance calculation.

Overview #

  • Enable distance based shipping
  • Add distance limit
  • Set different prices for different shipping ranges
  • Create “rules” to add flexibility

Distance Shipping Setup #

Enable Distance-Based Shipping #

To give vendors the option of managing their shipping, go through the following steps :

  • Go to the admin dashboard and them navigate to MultiVendorX.
  • Select the Module option from the menu-list
  • On the Module page, search for the Shipping option. Under the Shipping section enable the distance-based shipping option.

Configure Shipping Settting #

You need to configure WooCommerce Shipping, to let vendor’s manage distance based shipping from there dashboard. Follw the steps gien below to start the configuration process.

  • The “Enable Checkout Delivery Location” lets the customer provide their location, so the distance-wise shipping calculation can be carried out. 
  • Now navigate to Shipping section under “Settings” of WooCommerce and click on MultiVendorX Shipping by Distance.
  • After that configure the following fields :
    • Activate the Enable Shipping option. Once this is activated, customers can see the shipping calculation at the checkout page.
    • Method Title : Enter a Shipping Title that displays to customers in checkout.
Note: To allow distance based shipping calculation, the Admin needs to enable Store Location present on the MultiVendorX Settings page.

Manage Shipping Cost #

Now that you’ve enabled the distance-based shipping option, let the vendor add the shipping cost. To learn how vendors can add shipping cost follow the given steps.

  • Before starting configuring this shipping, vendor needs to provide their location by using the following steps-
  • Go to “Store Settings” under Dashboard and then navigate to Storefront.
  • Once in storefront page navigate to Store Location and provide the location.
  • Noe go to “Shipping” tab under Store settings of Dashboard.
  • Once in shipping page choose the shipping option as “Shipping by Distance”. After that vendor needs to configure the following fields : 
    • Default Cost: This will be the base shipping price of all the products, if any matching distance rule is found then this will be added with rule cost. You may leave this empty to work with only rule cost as well.
    • Max Distance: You may set this restrict upto maximum distance product will be deliverable. E.g. If you set this 2, then the product will be deliverable upto maximum 2 km/mi. May leave empty and this will be considered as no maximum limit.
    • Free Shipping Minimum order amount: The amount entered here will be the benchmark above which the shipping will be free.
    • Enable Local Pickup: Check this to enable the “Pickup from Store” option for distance rate shipping.
    • Local Pickup Cost: Pickup from store cost
    • Distance-cost Rules: You may set up any number of rules for distance rates. E.g “Upto 1 km cost $5”, “upto 2km cost $10”, “more than 2km cost $15”. Just be sure, there should not be any conflicting rules

Distance Shipping at Checkout  #

To see how the calculation is taking place go to the checkout page. Insert the drop location and you can see the shipping calculation as per the rule.

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